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Those of us who are interested in McCarter family genealogy have been stumped for years with Moses McCarter’s parents and birthplace.  Recently we discovered that Scotland’s Family, a genealogical website, has in its database information that Moses William McCarter was born in Roxburgshire, Scotland in 1730 and that his parents were Thomas McCarter and Janet Chalmers.  (Scotland’s Family lists five Moses McCarters, but they are all the same person.)  The information on Moses’ middle name, parents and birthplace was provided by an LDS church member.  If we can find supporting evidence, Moses’ mysterious past may begin to unwind! 


McCarter Lineage

(Ancestors' names are in boldface)


Moses McCarter   b. 1730/32  Scotland d.  1787/88  Abbeville, SC  m. Catren Unknown  b. 1732/33  PA  d.  1800  Abbeville, SC  Moses was a Revolutionary War veteran.  He and Catren had eleven children.  The dates of birth for Moses' children are from a McCarter family Bible owned by a granddaughter of Moses McCarter.  We appreciate any updates, additions, or corrections.)


    1.    Anne McCarter b. 09 Jun 1750  m. Richard York

2.    Catren McCarter b. 09 Oct 1753  m. Richard  Evans

3.    John McCarter  b. 16 Oct 1755  m.  Unknown  (John was a Revolutionary War veteran serving in SC)

4.     William McCarter   b. 2 Oct 1756  d.  24 Feb 1843  Lincoln Co., NC   m.  Unknown  b.  ?  d. about 1790  (William’s name was listed as "Wil" in the family Bible.  His wife was reportedly killed by Indians but we have no proof of this.  (He was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, serving in South Carolina) 

5.     Mary McCarter  b. 11 Jun 1759  m.  Andrew Jones

6.    Agnes McCarter  b. Mar 1761 m.  Samuel Crawford

7.     Margaret McCarter  b. 2 Jan 1763   m.  Fleming Bates

8.    James McCarter  b. 26 May 1765  m. Nancy Unknown.  (James was a Revolutionary War veteran serving in SC)

9.    Jennett McCarter  b. 27 May 1767  m.  Thomas Morrows

10.Robert McCarter b. 28 Aug 1770 no recorded wife or children 

11.Moses McCarter, Jr. b. 9 Aug 1774  (Moses served in the War of 1812 as a drafted soldier from Sevier Co., TN.)

(Hope McCarter, previously listed as #12 is probably simply a mistake in deciphering the old fashioned penmanship for "Moses."  The letter "s" inside a word sometimes looked like a "p."  The writing is faded and part of the "M" may be missing enough to look like an "H.")


(Point of interest:  A  McCarter cousin called the pronunciation of Catren's name to our attention.  She says it is KAY tren, not CAT ren.)


William McCarter  b. 2 Oct 1756  d.  24 Feb 1843  Lincoln Co., NC  m.  (1)  Unknown  b. ?  d.  c1790  m. c1775/76 in York Co.,(?) SC  (William’s wife was reportedly killed by Indians, but at this point we have no evidence for this traditional story)  He served in the Revolutionary War. 

William and his wife had six children, two of whom survived.


1.        _____ McCarter  b. c1778

2.        Joseph McCarter  b. Oct. 1780 SC  d. 5 Nov. 1864 Sevier Co., TN

3.        James McCarter b. 1782 SC  d. 1815/18 Sevier Co., TN  m. Rebecca Jane Ogle b. 1782 NC  d. 1870/80 Sevier Co., TN

4.        _____ McCarter  b. c1784

5.        _____ McCarter  b. c1786

6.        _____ McCarter  b. c1788


James McCarter  b. c1782  Abbeville Co., SC  d. 1815/18 Sevier Co., TN  m.  c1800 Edgefield Co., SC Rebecca Jane Ogle  b.  c1782 NC  d. 1870/80 Sevier Co., TN  (Tradition says that James died shortly after the birth of his last son, Jeremiah who was born in 1815.)  James and Rebecca made the arduous trip from District 96 in SC to the Smokies in 1804 with Martha Jane Huskey Ogle and her family.  Rebecca was Martha Jane’s daughter.  In The History of Gatlinburg, James is described as "a Scotsman." At one time the couple owned all of Cartertown where they had settled after arriving in TN.  . James and Rebecca had eight children, all boys. Seven survived.


1.       William McCarter  b.  c1801 Edgefield, SC  d. ?  m. Martha (Patsy) Waddle  b. ?  d. ?  Moved to Alabama

2.       Isaac McCarter b.  1803  d.  ?  Edgefield, SC  d. ?  m. Mary (Polly) Waddle  b.?  d. ?  Moved to Alabama

3.       John McCarter  b. 1805 Sevier Co  d. 1848/49  m. Nancy Anderson  b. 1804   d. 1893

4.       Male child McCarter  b. 1807 Sevier Co.  d. ?

5.       Joseph McCarter  b. 1809 Sevier Co.  d.  1884  m. (1) Nancy Reagan b. 1810  d. 1854  (2) Lydia Blazier b. 1808  d. 1886  (3) Malvina Bird  b. 1850  d. 1897

6.       Thomas McCarter  b. 1811 Sevier Co.  d. 1888   m. Mary Ownby b. 1814  d. 1886

7.       James McCarter, Jr., b. 1813 Sevier Co.  d. 1860/70  m. Edna Abbott b. 1815  d. 1870/80

8.       Jeremiah McCarter  b. 1815 Sevier Co., d. ?  m. Nancy Jane Hollingsworth  b. 1821   d. 1891


Thomas McCarter  b. 18 Jan 1811  Sevier Co., TN   d.  12 Feb. 1888  m.  Mary Ownby  b. 1814 Rutherford Co., NC  d. 1886  Sevier Co., TN.  Thomas and Mary had twelve children


1.      Aaron McCarter  b. 1836  d. 1837

2.      Alfred McCarter b. 1837  d. 1912  m. Lydia Reagan  b. 1835  d. 1904.  (Alfred was a Civil War veteran)

3.      Mack Lafayette (Fate) McCarter b. 1840  d. 1916  m. Elizabeth Jane Ogle  b. 1842  d. 1925  (Fate was a Civil War veteran.)

4.      Thomas Hill McCarter  b. 1842  d. 1923  m. Marriah Reagan  b. 1842  d. 1923 

5.      Samuel McCarter   b. 1845  d. 1855

6.      Isaac McCarter  b. 1846  d. 1921  m. Mary Ann King  b. ?  d.  ?

7.      Marian McCarter  b. 1848  d. 1922   m. Moses Moore  b. 1847  d. 1928

8.      James A. McCarter  b. 1850  d. ?  m.  Lavinia Ann Maples  b. 1851  d. 1922

9.      John McCarter  b. 1852  d. 1935  m. Sarah Huskey Ownby   b. 1856   d. 1915

10.  William McCarter  b. 1855  d. 1952  m. Luranie Brackins  b. 1860  d. 1926

11.  Radford Gatlin McCarter  b. 1857  d. ?  m. Sarah Moore  b. 1862  d. after 1898

12.  Mary McCarter  b. 1864  d. ?  m. George Maples  b. 1858  d. 1930


Thomas Hill McCarter  b. 1842  d.  1923  m. Marriah (Rye) Reagan b. 1842  d. 1923  Thomas Hill served as a member of the Sevier Co, TN school board.  He was a farmer and landowner.  The large amount of land he owned was divided among his children when he died.  He and his wife both died in the influenza epidemic of 1923.  Thomas Hill and Marriah had eleven children.  Two of his sons were ministers and two of his daughters married ministers.


1.      Mary Elizabeth (Polly) McCarter  b. 1862  d.  Feb. 1932  m. Nathaniel Y. King b. 7 Feb. 1855  d. 24 Aug 1936

2.      Rev. Wesley (Wes) Lafayette McCarter, Sr.  b. 22 Jul 1864  d. 2 Oct 1951  m. Mary Anne Green  b. 9 Mar 1871   d. 31 Mar 1928  Wesley was a Baptist minister who performed the wedding ceremonies of his brother Eli and bride Betsy and his sister Alice (Sariah Alice) and her husband Israel Hatcher.

3.      Martha Jane McCarter  b. 14 July 1866  d. 15 Jan 1953  m. Rev. James Wesley Houser  b. 11 Jan 1862   d. 22 Mar 1943.  James was a Baptist minister.

4.      Thomas Zacharius McCarter  b. 7 Sep 1868  d. 1 Nov 1951  m. Martha C. Proffit  b. 16 Mar 1873  d. 15 Mar 1936

5.      Daniel William Isaiah McCarter  b. 20 Nov 1870  d, 31 Dec 1967  m. Martha Jane Ogle  b. 9 Nov 1874  d. 1939.  Daniel lived to be 97 years old.

6.      Nancy Marriah McCarter  b. 26 Aug 1873  d. 6 Aug 1949 Dallas, TX   m.  George Washington Franklin  b. 31 Mar 1872  d. 30 Sep 1932  Copeville, TX   Moved to Texas

7.      Ephraim Moses Earl McCarter  b. 15 Feb 1875  d. 7 Apr 1960  m. Alie Zanna Proffit  b. 16 Jan 1880  d. 17 Mar 1905

8.      Mariam Etta McCarter  b. 5 Sep 1878  d. ?  m. Silas Sylvester Ownby  b. 1875  d. ?

9.      Noah Richard McCarter  b. 20 Feb 1881  d. 6 Jul 1974  m. Elza Ogle  b. 13 May 1881  d. 20 Feb 1969

10. Sariah Alice McCarter  b. 6 Nov 1883  d. 20 Dec 1971  m. Elder Israel Alexander Hatcher  b. 30 May 1860  d. 11 Mar 1950   Israel was a Primitive Baptist preacher.  .

11. Rev. Eli McCarter  b. 29 Mar 1886  d. 10 Oct 1955  m. 8 Jul 1904 Mary Elizabeth Hatcher  b. 25 Feb 1889  d. 17 Feb 1969  Eli was a Baptist minister.


Rev. Eli McCarter b. 29 March 1886  Sevier Co., TN   d. 10 Oct 1955 Sevier Co.,TN  m. 8 Jul 1904 Mary Elizabeth (Betsy) Hatcher  b. 25 Feb 1889 Sevier Co., TN    d. 17 Feb 1969  Bristol, TN    Eli was a farmer, blacksmith, carpenter and Baptist preacher.  When he and Betsy were married, his parents were in their sixties.  He and Betsy lived with the older McCarters, helped work the farm, and took care of his parents until their deaths.  During this time the family became so big that Betsy had to make cornbread in a dishpan.  After Thomas Hill and Marriah died, Eli sold the farm to his brother, Richard, and he, Betsy, and the children moved to Gatlinburg.  Eli and Betsy had twelve children; all except the last three were born on the McCarter farm in Cartertown.  Betsy said that her husband worked from sunup till sundown to keep his family fed.  All of the couples’ sons and one of their daughters served in the armed forces in WWII.


1.      Martha Marriah McCarter b.22 Jul 1905 Cartertown, Sevier Co., TN  d. 22 Feb. 1997  Johnson City, TN  m. Charles Emmitt Bullock  b. 22 Jul 1905  d. 22 Mar 1974  Bristol, TN

2.     Alice Susan McCarter b. 8 Oct 1907 Cartertown, Sevier Co., TN  d. 13 Sep 2006 Toledo, OH  m. Herman Victor Harget b. 16 Apr 1907 Toledo, OH   d. 25 Nov 1962 Alexandria, VA

3.      Edna Izena McCarter  b. 5 Jan 1910  Cartertown, Sevier Co., TN  d. 25 Aug 2000  Richmond, VA  m. Frank McFall  b. 25 Sep 1909  d. 18 Jul 1968  Powhatan, VA  (Edna was in the Women’s Army Corps in WWII)

4.      Earl McCarter  b. 15 Apr 1912 Cartertown, Sevier Co., TN  d. 29 Sep 1988 Bristol, TN  m. Glenna Jane Stout b. 11 Nov  1911 Bristol, VA  d. 25 Apr 1988  Bristol, VA  (Earl was in the Seabees in WWII)

5.      Thomas Israel (Pete) McCarter  b. 19 June 1914 Cartertown, Sevier Co., TN  d. 3 Feb 1964,  VA hospital, Johnson City, TN  m. (1) Living relative  and (2) Opal Geneva Huskey  b. 4 Jul 1916 Bullhead Mtn., Sevier Co., TN  d. 24 May 2001 Pigeon Forge, TN  (Pete was in the Army Air Corps in WWII)

6.      Willie Etta (Billie) McCarter  b. 21 Feb 1917 Cartertown, Sevier Co., TN  d. 14 Sep 2000 Sevierville, TN  m. Robert Roger Pickel  b. 30 Aug 1914  Knox Co., TN  d. 29 May 1999 Maryville, TN

7.      Eli Valentine (Tine) McCarter  b. 2 Feb 1920 Cartertown, Sevier Co., TN  d. 23 Sep 1988 Evensville, TN  m. Betty Louise Ray  b.  18 Sep 1934 Spring City, TN  d. 13 Oct 2000 (Tine was in the Army Air Corps in WWII)

8.      (Twin) Betsy Mae McCarter b. 6 Jul 1922  Cartertown, Sevier Co., TN  d. 21 Feb 1924  Gatlinburg, Sevier Co., TN   (The twins died during the same influenza epidemic that killed their grandparents, Thomas Hilll and Marriah Reagan McCarter.)

9.      (Twin) Mary Lillie  b. 6 July 1922 Cartertown, Sevier Co, TN  d. 7 Feb 1924  Gatlinburg, Sevier Co., TN (see note above)

10. John Wade McCarter  b. 17 Aug 1924  Gatlinburg, TN  d. 6 Mar 1975 Toledo, OH  m. Barbara Mae Nagle b. 6 Jun 1927  d. 11 Sep 1990 Sylvania, Ohio   (John was in the Navy in WWII)

11. Living descendent

12. Living descendent




Family Bible of Eli McCarter

Greve, Jeanette.  The History of Gatlinburg.  Nashville, 1931.

McCarter traditions, family charts, and pedigree charts

Reagan, Donald B.  Smoky Mountain Clans Vol II, rev. ed., 1983


Scotland's Families.com

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