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History: SC to the Smokies
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Ogle/McCarter/Huskey Pioneer Travelers (1804)

The following pioneers are those who made the arduous trek from the Abbeville district of SC to the Smokies in 1804 with Martha Jane Huskey Ogle.  They are the original settlers who founded White Oak Flats, which later became Gatlinburg, TN.


 Pioneer Travelers

Ogle Family

       I.  Martha Jane Huskey Ogle--(1760/64-1825/26-)-40-44 years old--Widow of William "Old Billy" Ogle who proposed the trip

A.  Hercules Ogle--(1780-1854)--34 years old--MJHO’s eldest son

B.  *Elizabeth Unknown--(c1784-1840/50)--20 years old--Hercules’ wife (her age based on census records)

1. John Ogle-- (1802-1828)--2 years old--Hercules’ first son

2. William "Buck" Ogle—(1804-?)—Infant—Hercules’ second son.

C.  Thomas J. Ogle—(1784-1862)—20 years old—MJHO’s second son

D.  *Sophia Bosley—(1789/90-1857)—15 or 16 years old—Thomas J’s wife (They may have married just before the trip because all of their 14 children were born in Sevier Co., TN)

E.  John Ogle—(1786-1841)—18 years old—MJHO’s third son—a bachelor at the time of the trip

F.  Isaac Ogle—(1785-1881)—16 years old--MJHO’s fourth son

G.  William "Black Bill" Ogle—(1790-1855)—14 years old—MJHO’s fifth son

H.  Mary Ann "Polly" Ogle—(1793-1872)—11 years old--MJHO’s second daughter

McCarter Family

A.  James McCarter—(1782-1815/16)—22 years old—Rebecca Ogle’s Husband.

B.  *Rebecca Ogle McCarter—(1782-1870/80)—22 years old—MJHO’s elder daughter (also member of Ogle family above)

1. William McCarter—(1801-?)—3 years old—James and Rebecca’s first son. Left Sevier Co. in c1830. Date of death unknown.

2. Isaac McCarter—(1803-?)—Infant—James and Rebecca’s second son.

C.  Joseph McCarter—(1780-1864)—24 years old—James’ brother. Family tradition says he came with James. Moved out of Sevier Co. fairly soon  (Update:  According to a descendant of Joseph McCarter, her "family tradition"--based on an entry in an old family Bible--was that Joseph ran away from home in Edgefield/, SC when he was in his teens and made his way to TN.  This would mean that he did not make the journey with his brother.)

The McCarters moved on to an area about six miles from White Oak Flats.

Huskey Family

II.  Peter Huskey—(1753- 1818)—51 years old—MJHO’s brother

III.  Mary "Mollie" Miller (?-aft. 1818)--about 50 years old--Peter's wife

    A. Isaac Huskey, Sr.—(1772-1846)—32 years old—Peter’s first son

    B. *Jane Miller Huskey—(1772-1840/50)—about 32 years old—Isaac’s wife

                        1. James Huskey—(1790-1840/50)—14 years old—Isaac’s first son

    2. John Huskey—(1792-1857/60)—12 years old—Isaac’s second son

    3. Peter Huskey, Jr.—(1794-1850)—11 years old—Isaac’s third son (some sources list him as Peter, II instead of Jr.)

    4. Isaac Huskey—(1796-?)—9 years old—Isaac’s fourth son

    5.   William M. Huskey—(1798-1861)—6 years old—Isaac’s fifth son

    6.  Mary Huskey—(1799-1870/80)—5/6 years old—Isaac’s first daughter

    7. Albert Huskey—(1800-?)—5 years old—Isaac’s sixth son

    8. Elizabeth Huskey—(1802-1860/70)—2 years old—Isaac’s second daughter

    9. Stephen Huskey—(1804-1887)—just born—Isaac’s seventh son

    C.  Jonathan Huskey—(1774-1830/40)—30 years old—Peter’s second son

    D.  *Jane Unknown—(1774/84)—about 30 years old—Jonathan’s wife

    1..  William Huskey—(1792-?)—12 years old—Jonathan’s first son

    2.  Female Huskey—(1794-?)—10 years old—Jonathan’s first daughter

    3..  Female Huskey—(1796-?)—8 years old—Jonathan’s second daughter

    4..  Nancy Huskey—(1798-?)—6 years old—Jonathan’s third daughter

    5.  John Huskey—(1801-?)—3 years old—Jonathan’s second son

    E.  John Huskey—(1776-died before 1830)—28 years old—Peter’s third son

    F.  *Rachel Heiss-- (1776/84-1840/50)—about 28 years old—John’s wife

    1.  John Huskey, Jr.--(1802-?)—2 years old—John’s first son

    G. Rebecca Huskey—(1778-?)—26 years old—Peter’s first daughter

    H.  Sarah Huskey—(1780-?)—24 years old—Peter’s second daughter

    I.  *Benjamin Williams—(? -?)—No info—Sarah’s husband

    J.  Mary Huskey—(1782-?)—22 years old—Peter’s third daughter 

    The Huskeys moved on to Walden’s Creek. Later some moved to Emert’s Cove (Pittman Center) and to MO and IL. Not all Huskeys made each move; Isaac and most of his family remained in Sevier Co. TN

         Other Travelers with the Huskeys

    1.  James Miller (?-1805)  Peter's father-in-law. 

    2.  Landon Williams (?-?)  Possible relative of Benjamin Williams, husband of Sarah Huskey

    3.  Thomas Hearst (1761-1895)  Identified as an Irish friend of the Huskey family from SC.  (The Huskeys were of Irish descent)  Thomas was the great uncle of William Randolph Hearst.  

      Possible Travelers: 

    The following people likely made the journey from SC to the Smokies

    4.  Isabella Miller Hearst  (?  ?)  Wife of Thomas Hearst and daughter of James Miller  (#1 above)

    5.  Isaac Ogle (1787-?)  Rebecca Huskey's husband.  Isacc was a nephew of William and Martha Jane Huskey Ogle and the son of Thomas, Jr. and Isabella Wilson Ogle from Edgefield County, SC

    6.  DeLafayette Ramsey (1785-1853/68)  Mary Huskey's husband.

    All the people listed in black in 1-6 above are reported in Goodspeeds History of Jefferson County Missouri as having traveled from SC to TN and on to MO with Peter Huskey in 1805.

    Different colors and indentations indicate differences in generations.

    * = spouse

Pioneer woman and child

"Travelers are always discoverers,"--Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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